Burger Pizza

Burger Pizza recipe.

This must be awesome.

Ingredients: 3x Cheese Burger, Freezed Pizza, French Fries and Cheese.


So, there i was. Surfing around the internet and suddenly i bumbed in to it. It was in someones blog i remember. Sadly i don’t have original picture or URL to that site, but i remember that there were cheese burgers, French Fries, Pizza and cheese included. Of Course i had to test it my self.


Oven should be around 437°F/225°c. In this case pizza needs to be in oven about 15-20 minutes. Add some cheese on top of Pizza and put it in oven for a 10 minutes, then take it out. You should be careful that you don’t burn it straight away because its going back in the oven. You can take it out when cheese is melted a bit. I used Pizza called Hawaii.  Pineapple, Ham, Parsley, Tomato puree etc.


Add 3 Cheese Burgers and some French Fries.


Top it off with some cheese.


Put it back to oven and keep it there another 5 to 10 minutes. Its ready when cheese starts to get some color.


Cut it in slices and youre ready for your delicious Burger Pizza moment.


Yeah, it’s really good.. Really.