Hot Dog

Hot Dog Recipe.

Okay. After shopping spree i got these ingredients for this HUGE Hod Dog:

Meat, Hot Dog buns, Cheddar cheese, Sausage, Grated Cheese and Spiced Breadcrumb’s.


Shape the meat to thin square patty. Next add cheese and sausage. Also, you should have your oven turned on at this point already and heat should be around ~482°F/250°c. when ready.



Roll up whole thing. Use waxed paper to tighten it up so cheese doesn’t pour out when that meat stick is geting heat.



Wrap that meat stick tightly to bacon.



Mix some breadcrumbs and grated cheese like Parmesan together and roll that Hot Dog thingy in that. Mix should catch all around.

Use few skewers so when that bacon-cheese-meat-sausage-monster is getting ready in oven, it still has bacon wrapped on it.


Then is time to assemble the Hot Dog. Remove skewers, get your Hot  Dog bun and spice it up as you wish. I only used some Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce on top of that stick ‘cos I’m on diet, but you can add some ketchup, mustard, pickles or something like that. It’s up to you.



So here it is,  Bon appétit.