Chili Burger recipe.

Chili Burger recipe.

Ingredients: Bacon, Ground beef, Cheddar cheese, Shallots, Garlic, Tomato, Salad, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, A1 Steak Sauce, Chili Mayonnaise and Spices.


Chili Burger ingredients

First, saute shallots and garlic ready for a Patty. Add crushed chili to the mix when the onions are soft and let the mixture cool down.

I used 2 Garlic Cloves, 1 small Shallot and 2 small dried Chili’s.

Dried Chili and onion

After your onions are ready add mashed Sun-Dried Tomato,  Meat, A1 Steak Sauce, Onion mix, Salt, Black Pepper, and Cumin to the bowl. Mix well.

2 tablespoons of mashed Sun-Dried Tomato, Meat 0.4 kg /0.9 lbs, pinch of Salt and Pepper, 0.5dl/1,7oz A1 Steak Sauce, 2 tsp Cumin. This is enough for 3 Chili Burgers.


Hamburger Mix

Let your meat catch some flavor and after that form into patties.


Chili Burger Patty

Cut 3 Bacon slices in half and make 3×3 Bacon Weave. Start cooking your Patty and Bacon Weave at same time.


Bacon Weave

Toast your burger buns and start from the bottom. First add lots of  Chili Mayonnaise. Next add Salad and 3 slices of Tomato.

After that is time to add Cheddar cheese, Patty, another Cheddar cheese and crispy Bacon Weave on top of it.


Chili Burger

Then is time to add top half of the bun. I used some Ketchup on it. Thats it. Hot and nice Chili Burger ready to burn you.

Chili Burger

Chili Burger recipe