Bacon Bomb Recipe.

Bacon Bomb recipe.

Ingredients: Bacon, Ground beef, Cheddar cheese, Roasted onion, BBQ sauce.


First we prepare bacon weave ready. It’s easier to do when bacon is really cold. So be quick. I’ve been using 4×6 weave. It’s good size for nice Bacon Bomb and it fits great with Bacon Bomb Ciabatta.


Bacon Weave

Shape the beef  and put some BBQ Rub on it. Cut one cheddar cheese to slices and insert those in middle of beef patty. Start rolling beef so that cheese will stay on middle and be sure that there’s no holes in meat so cheese stays inside when grilling.  Roll beef inside of bacon weave. You can also use some BBQ rub between beef and bacon weave.


Beef and cheese

Raw Bacon Bomb should look something like first picture above. When your oven is around 437°F/225°c. put Bacon Bomb in and wait about 30 minutes. As i dont have grill available i’m using oven in this case. Meanwhile Bacon Bomb is taking some heat you can preapare Ingredients for Bacon Bomb Ciabatta, if you’re planning to make one.


Before and after.

If you’re not planning to make Bacon Bomb Ciabatta you can just add some delicious BBQ sauce and little bit of roasted onion on top of it.