Bacon Bomb Ciabatta.

Bacon Bomb Ciabatta recipe.

Mayonnaise, Salad, Cheddar cheese, 1 small Bacon Bomb, BBQ sauce, Roasted onion,  Ketchup and Onion.


Bottom half:

Making Bacon Bomb will take some time so start with this recipe first:  Bacon Bomb recipe. When Bacon Bomb is starting to get ready continue here. Split the buns and toast the cut surfaces. Put some mayonnaise, salad and cheddar cheese to bottom half of the bun.

BBC recipe

As Bacon Bomb gets ready, move it on top of cheddar cheese.


Bacon Bomb Ciabatta

Top half:

Use some BBQ sauce on top of Bacon Bomb and add some roasted onion. Then we need some ketchup and onion to top half of the bun.


Bacon Bomb Ciabatta recipe

This ciabatta has only about million calories. Enjoy!


Bacon Bomb Ciabatta